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And on the 8th Day…

At the intersection of innovation and communication, there’s a need for technically grounded creative strategy + production.

We solve customer problems by leveraging the right tools with great ideas, and outstanding execution that drives engagement and success.

DAY 8 is a bad-ass collective of veteran specialists from across all technologies, and content production resources, to create the ideal team to achieve your goals.

Steve Curran, CEO – Steve started his career in the consumer video game industry, directing games for Nintendo, Sega and home computer and for twenty years was the CEO of a groundbreaking branded game and viral content studio, Pod Design. Pod created breakthrough campaigns for clients such as Red Bull, History Channel, Warner Brothers, Sony, Puma, Discovery Channel and others.

Before founding Day 8, he was CEO of ROAR Augmented Reality, a leading AR CMS platform that has customers including Tetrapak, Mitsubishi, MIT, Clorox and many others. He authored the books “Motion Graphics” and “Convergence Design” for Rockport Publishing.

Jason Oda, Designer and Developer – Jason has worked in advertising and game development for 15 years. He has made consumer video games for clients such as Expedia, Hotels.com, Burger King, TLC, 76 Gasoline, Jiffy Lube, and Meow Mix. He’s also created popular games for musicians that include Skrillex, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, and the Chemical Brothers. Recently, he spent 5 years developing the indie game “Waking.”