Welcome to Day 8

I love making stuff. Fun stuff, smart stuff, content that can make somebody smile, laugh, or learn something in a more effective way. After spending a few years as CEO of an AR platform that is a great product and solution for a variety of use cases, I found I was most at home when I was thinking with an open mind about what was the right medium, tool, or most importantly, the big idea that solved customer problems, with a vision for how to pull it off.

With the accelerated evolution of technology, changing consumer behavior, and challenges at retail, marketers need help connecting the dots between the opportunity innovation provides, and problem-solving, strategy, and execution.

Why the name Day 8? Well, there’s the whole creation thing, what happens after the seventh day and all that. More personally, Day 8 was the dorm and floor at SU where I met my wife, and group of friends that are my closest friends to this day. Business is built on great relationships, and that name is a daily reminder.

Day 8 Labs is a collective of the smartest tools, talents, resources, and innovations that work together to make magic happen.

Looking forward to seeing how we can make that happen for you.